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De Witte Kickers

Cancer has been called the scariest word in the English language.

Although I am pretty sure you can substitute English with the language of your choice. 

Not to be gloomy, quite spectacular progress, by the standards of medical sciences, is being made as we speak.We are far from having won the war, but we are advancing steadily against the enemy. 

So, where does kids cancer come in?

Well, let's just say that in that war we somehow left the little people behind.  There is an official term for that type of situation - all kids cancers are "orphan diseases". 

They afflict too few patients to justify developing treatments. Indeed, only 1 in 100 cancers happens to children.

That's still about 35,000 kids per year in Europe. None of them have it easy, but 6,000 don't make it all. 

And of those that do, 2/3 suffer from long term effects.

That's about half a million survivors out there that have lost sight, hearing, a limb or have other serious consequences.  

At the same time, there has been precious little innovation in pediatric oncology for decades. 

Please sponsor our family run in order to change this!

Kick Cancer has excellent ideas and people who can really help make a stepchange in research for kids cancer.

We have checked this personally with our consulting hats on.

1 420 €

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