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Team Astor


Little Astor was born on a sunny Sunday afternoon last July, after a healthy pregnancy. We were wondering wether he would be born under the sign of cancer or lion. He came one day before due date and happend to be a little lion with cancer: a rare acute myeloid leucemia. We were baffled but convinced our little lion would fight and win…

Astor was lucky to be born in Belgium and to be treated in one of the best hospitals for child cancer in Europe. But the chemotherapy happened to be very toxic and destructive for a little baby like Astor. A treatment used for adults adapted to a newborn's weight. Astor's fragile immune system was destroyed. He did fight like a little lion to beat the severe complications, almost miraculously. But after 5 months Astor lost his unfair battle and we had to let him go. We miss him.

In a couple of decades we will speak about chemotherapy as a middle age treatment. Science is evolving and better solutions are on the way but unfortunately there is not enough innovation for children’s cancer. That needs to change!

In his little life Astor has been a collector of energy, friendship and love. We want to resemble that energy again with a team of family and friends to remember Astor’s brave fight and Kick children’s cancer! 

Thank you for your support!

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