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Our vision is to cure all children and adolescents with cancer through the development of better targeted and less toxic therapies. As member of Fight Kids Cancer, the mission of KickCancer and Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner is be to catalyse and accelerate European research that results in innovative and impactful new therapies that improve the outcome for all children and adolescents with cancer.

Your gift will finance a research project selected in compliance with strict appraisal rules or our advocacy and awareness activities which aim at sustainably fixing the system, so that paediatric cancer no longer be left behind the innovation train.

Our research projects are innovative and European. They are selected in the framework of the FIGH KIDS CANCER European call for projects, about which you will find more information on

Our advocacy and awareness activities are equally important. They aim at ensuring that pharmaceutical companies be mandated or incentivised to finance more research against paediatric cancers, that governments finance more research infrastructure and that other NGOs involved in the field of cancer take their part in the fight against paediatric cancers.

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40 €
Julie  —  20 days ago

Veel succes Roeland!

50 €
Veronique  —  20 days ago

Veel succes en goede benen gewenst! Mooi initiatief om dit te ondersteunen !

50 €
Roeland  —  21 days ago
50 €
Frederik  —  22 days ago
50 €
Kathy  —  1 month ago

Succes en geniet van de trip!

50 €
Francine  —  1 month ago

Veel succes met de rit Roeland. Groeten tante Francine

50 €
Pieter Vanaelst  —  1 month ago


25 €
Wouter  —  1 month ago

Allé Allé peetje ;) knuffel van Victor

100 €
Lindsey  —  1 month ago
50 €
Bvba brood en banket Welvaert  —  1 month ago

Veel succes Roeland met uw initiatief.