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Why run

5 reasons to participate

Run to cure

In Europe, 35,000 children and young people between the ages of 0 and 23 are diagnosed with cancer every year. Little is known about the causes of these cancers and there are many different types. This makes each type of paediatric cancer a rare disease that struggles to attract sufficient scientific research.

As a result, survival rates have stagnated over the past 20 years and children continue to be treated with drugs that are sometimes more than 50 years old – while over the same period, innovation exploded for adults.

The treatments aren’t only old, they are also toxic and 2/3 of the children who recover, experience severe side effects (like secondary cancers caused by the treatment of the first cancer, amputation or blindness). .

To boost research in paediatric oncology and select the most promising projects in Europe, our Foundation, the French association Imagine for Margo and the Fondation Kriibskrank Kanner in Luxembourg, the Spanish CRIS Cancer Foundation and KiKA (the Netherlands), have joined forces and launched the FIGHT KIDS CANCER initiative. The funds you will raise for RUN TO KICK will be pooled together with those from France, Luxembourg and Italy. They will be used to finance the best research projects in Europe. The goal is to reach 6,25 million together!

Run to care

RUN TO KICK is an opportunity for families affected by children’s cancer to get together and gather around them their friends and colleagues who didn’t know how to help them during this storm.

Mobilizing others to advance research is also a great group therapy for these families.

Come and experience this festive, positive, light and moving moment that pays tribute to those who are fighting or have fought against cancer. It’s a sheer dose of hope and solidarity.

Run to be together

Running, walking, crawling, or being carried? It doesn’t matter!

At RUN TO KICK, it’s the one who raises the most money that goes up the podium!

No need to be a great sportsman: RUN TO KICK brings together all ages and all physical conditions. What they have in common is that they all have a furious desire to kick children’s cancer far away!

This is the perfect opportunity to steal away the podium from your marathoner friend!

Families, friends, businesses… Everyone can participate in RUN TO KICK!

Run to be fit

2 km, 5 km, 10 km… choose the challenge that fits you best!

Everybody is moving, but (almost) nobody is a real sportsman at RUN TO KICK. In any case, if you haven’t raced in 5 years or 6 months, you won’t risk arriving last.

In fact, this is the perfect opportunity to get back into sport with joy, pursuing a noble goal! RUN TO KICK has no time registration, so no one will know your real running time ;-)

On the other hand, it’s just like a real race: with a warm-up session, provision stands with healthy products, stretching and running t-shirts are offered!

Run to enjoy

Mark Sunday the 24th of September in your agenda! We will be expecting you in Osseghem Park (around the corner of the Atomium) in Brussels to experience RUN TO KICK together. We already know in advance that it will be a fantastic day you’ll always remember. We are happy to organise a professional event, with the best atmosphere, a sporty experience, entertainment… and a strong feeling of togetherness.

Register for the race

Do you run, jog, walk, roll or crawl but above all, feel like shooting kids’ cancer far way? Then join us!

Whether you want to participate alone or in a team, it all starts with creating your own individual fundraising page.

I’m becoming a Kicker

  1. Click on the button I register and fill in your personal information, choose your track and select your t-shirt size.
  2. Create your personal fundraising page, add a nice picture and a personal presentation text. The more you customise your page, the more your friends will want to support your effort!
  3. Choose a password to manage and edit your page later.
  4. Finalise your own registration and pay the 10€ fees. Once your fundraising page is paid for, it will be published and you will soon receive an email confirming the completion of your registration.
  5. Off you go! You can start fundraising like a champ now! Want some inspiration?
  6. We explain everything here!.



Every runner is expected to raise €200 minimum (€100 for minors and students under 25) through his/her RUN TO KICK fundraising page.

You can share your own page, your team's or your tribe’s page to solicit donations. If your supporter chooses to make a donation on your team's or tribe’s page, the donation will automatically be equally split between the team members who are registered at the moment of the donation. 

No worries, fundraising goes much easier than you think! Especially for you, we gathered the best advice from the best world experts on fundraising on this page to inspire you on how to fundraise super effectively!

You can share your own page, your team's or your tribe’s page to solicit donations. If your supporter decides to make a donation on your team's or tribe’s page, the donation will automatically be equally split between the team members who are registered at the moment of the donation.

In any case, 100% of the funds you raised will be used to fund research against children's cancer.

You want to find out which projects KickCancer finances with your gifts? Please click here to find out more about our projects.

RUN TO KICK : The race


The RUN TO KICK village is easy to reach.

The only entrance to the village is through the avenue du Gros Tilleul (Dikkelindelaan (NL); number 4), between Osseghem Park and Laeken Park, within walking distance of the Atomium.

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Come by bike!

The park is accessible to cyclists. There is a secured parking area near the entrance to park your bike safely while you enjoy RUN TO KICK.

If you don’t have your own bike, you can rent a Villo! And park at station 281. More info and prices:

With public transport


Line 6 until stop Heysel (12 min. by foot)


Line 7 and 19 – stop Saint-Lambert (7 min. by foot)

Line 3 – stop De Wand (9 min. by foot)

Line 93 and 51 – stop Roi Baudouin (11 min. by foot)


From the Brussel-South Station: line 6 of the metro – stop Heysel (about 12 min.)

From the train station of Jette: tram 19 – stop Saint-Lambert (about 7min.)

Do you opt for the car?

Think about carpooling and drop your friends, family or colleagues off at the Kiss & Ride on the Louis Steens Place, closest to the entrance to the RUN TO KICK village.

Paid street parking is authorized in the orange zones around the park.

You can also park at the Brussels Expo – Kinepolis Parking T (paid parking). It is located at 800m from the entrance of the RUN TO KICK village.

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We've put together a great program for the day! 

The RUN TO KICK village will open at 9 am. The start of the race is at 11 am sharp!

We advise you to arrive one hour early to have enough time to pick up your t-shirt and race number and to enjoy the collective warm-up session.

09:00 — Welcome! Opening of the RUN TO KICK village

10:30 — Collective warm-up by David Lloyd

11:00 — DEPARTURE!

12:20 — Collective stretching session by David Lloyd

12:30 — Official award ceremony

13:30 — Zumba

14:00 — NRJ Kick Concert with Pierre de Maere, Berre, Rori and Hyphen Hyphen

16:00 — See you soon! Closing of the village

If you are a runner, don't forget...

At the entrance of the RUN TO KICK village, we will ask you to:

  • Show your identity card
  • Show the QR code that confirms your final registration (you will receive it by email and SMS)
  • If you are between 18 and 25 years old and have collected less than 200 euros, you will have to show your student card.

As a reminder, minors must be accompanied by a responsible adult throughout the event.

We recommend that you bring a large bag to easily store your belongings at the bags deposit tent.

On-site facilities

You can safely leave your belongings at the bags deposit tent. 

Toilets with disabled access will be available.

Please note that there are no changing rooms or showers on site.

And what will we eat?


We will have two refreshment stations for runners and walkers with water, oranges and biscuits to give you energy!

The refreshment stations will be located at the 5th Km and at the finish.

Food and drinks

There will be plenty of good food and drink in the RUN TO KICK village!

Is your mouth watering?

Our kind partners will make sure that hungry runners are provided with: 

  • The delicious Tartes de Françoise (sweet and savoury versions), 
  • Tero's gourmet hot dogs
  • Tero’s fresh salad with rice noodles 
  • El Camion foodtruck and the juicy burgers are back (veggie option available)!
  • Think Tomato with two delicious pasta recipes prepared with their world-famous tomato sauce
  • Le Petit Nuage with irresistible sweet or salty filled waffles and ice cream cones.

There will also be a bar with, among other things, delicious FrOui juices, Spa drinks, Smile Kombucha, Brussels Beer Project, and champaign.

We recommend the use of payment cards wherever possible.

We would like to thank you in advance for keeping the RUN TO KICK village clean by sorting your rubbish in the specially provided bins.

Kids' Corner

Are your children coming with you? That's great!

Our Kids’ Corner welcomes children from 3 to 8 years old so that you can enjoy the race to the fullest.

We have a great programme just for your little ones (and not so little ones too): great arts and crafts workshops, fun games and lots of other surprises!

Of course, everything will be well supervised for the safety of all during the hours of the race (from 9h30 - 12h30). After the race the Kids’ Corner will be merged with the Kids’ Zone. All the toys will stay available, but no supervision will be provided either. After 12.30h your kids are under your responsibility .

Do you want to register your children at the Kids’ Corner? Follow the next steps and be sure to bring your confirmation mail to RUN TO KICK.


  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click on ‘RUN TO KICK 2023’. There you will see your page(s).
  3. Click on ‘options’.
  4. Check the option ‘Kids’ Corner’.
  5. Click on ‘save’.
  6. You will receive an email when the registration has opened.
  7. Once registrations are closed, you will receive a confirmation email to present at RUN TO KICK.


Stay with us after the race!

There will be plenty to enjoy in the RUN TO KICK village and for all ages.


  • Wooden games to play with the whole family, face painting, bouncy castle... impossible to get bored!
  • And if you can’t get enough of sports, Decathlon is planning plenty of activities for you.

A warm atmosphere:

  • The Lab and le Rythme des Fourmis will definitely make you want to dance!
  • The cheerful Doctors Zinzin are back, you can't miss them, that’s for sure!
  • The 501st FanWars Legion will parade their Stormtroopers and other mythical characters on the courses and in the village.

Donation and Tax Reduction

If you want to support a runner, look for his or her name on the top of our page with our search engine. Then, click on “I donate”. If you don’t find him or her, ask to send you the link to his or her page.

You can also decide to support a whole team or a tribe at once. In that case, your donation will automatically be equally split between the team or tribe members who are registered at the time of your donation.

Your name, first name and email address will be communicated to the runner, the team captain or the creator of the tribe, depending on the type of page you will have supported.

Your first name will be mentioned on the page benefitting from the gift. If you do not agree, click on “Make my donation anonymous”.

Thanks to our generous partners, 100% of the donations are used to finance research projects which aim at finding innovative treatments, improving existing ones and kicking children’s cancer to send it far, far away forever and may it never come back!

We have chosen reliable and experienced partners (Raise&Shine and Stripe) for your donations and the registration of your personal information. Your data are safe and handled in confidence.

If you donate €40 or more over the course of a whole tax year (2023), you will receive during the first trimester of 2024 a tax certificate issued by the King Baudouin Foundation. They manage your donations through the KickCancer Fund (paired with the KickCancer Foundation) and entitles you to a tax reduction of up to 45% of the amount given.

Join a team

I want to join an existing team of Kickers

I want to join a team

It’s as easy as going to the page “All teams” and look for their team’s name in our search engine on the top of your screen and clicking on “I register with this team”. Then, fill in the registration form.

I am already registered and want to join a team

Log into your account first (top right of the screen). Then, look for your team’s name with our search engine on the top of the screen and click on “I join this team”.

Create a team

I’m raising an army of Kickers

Good! This allows you to join forces and raise as much as possible to fund the fight against children’s cancer because don't forget that every runner of the team remains obligated to raise €200 minimum (€100 for minors and students under 25) in order to be allowed to participate in RUN TO KICK.

I register and create my own team immediately

  1. Click on the button I register
  2. If you’d like to register children or other persons on your account proceed with the registration procedure as many times as the number of people you want to register.
  3. Pay all registrations at the same time.
  4. When all registrations are completed, proceed by clicking on the "I create a team" button.
  5. Pick a nice picture and write a short text introducing your team.
  6. You will soon receive an email confirming the completion of your registration and the creation of your team.
  7. You can start inviting your friends to join your team and of course, start your fundraising like a champ!

I am already registered and want to create a team later

Login to your account and choose one of these options

  1. Go to the page All teams and click on the “I create a team” button.
  2. Go to your personal space: My pages > RUN TO KICK 2023 > My teams and click on “I create a team”.

Participate with my company

I want to kick cancer with my colleagues

Great idea! If your company is eager to support your team by sponsoring the registration costs and/or the team’s fundraising effort, please contact here and we shall be happy to create your team page.

We shall provide you with a secret registration link that should be shared within the company only. This link will enable every prospective runner to benefit from the advantages agreed with your company.

What we finance

What we finance thanks to you

In 2020, we started allocating 100% of the funds raised by our participants to research projects selected in the framework of the FIGHT KIDS CANCER call for European projects.

FIGHT KIDS CANCER is a joint initiative by KickCancer, Imagine for Margo (France), the Fondatioun Kriib- skrank Kanner (Luxembourg), the CRIS Cancer Foundation (Spain) and KiKa (the Netherlands). Our aim is to accelerate the most innovative treatments thanks to European financing and collaboration of research on paediatric cancers.

FIGHT KIDS CANCER is developed in collaboration with the European Science Foundation and a committee of international independent experts who help us select the best research projects.

In Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Spain, and the Netherlands as well as in other European countries in the future, these projects are financed thanks to the organization of our charity family races. When more runners participate or their motivation to fundraise increases, the amount we can invest in research follows suit.

Participate in RUN TO KICK 2023 by running, walking or donating to one of your friends that participate or by sponsoring us and shooting kids’ cancer forever away!

RUN TO KICK 2023: go for 1 million!

In September 2022, we launched our fourth FIGHT KIDS CANCER call for projects for a total amount of €5.25 million. KickCancer aims to fund €1 million of this thanks to RUN TO KICK 2023

Through these projects, we hope to foster improvements in the knowledge and treatment of the following diseases: B-cell non-Hodgkin’s lymphomas (clinical trial), ewing’s sarcomas (clinical trial), medulloblastomas (translational project), neuroblastomas (2 translational projects)

The projects we will fund with RUN TO KICK 2023 will be selected and announced in June. Follow our social media channels to be informed immediately!


1.652 runners participated in the fith edition of RUN TO KICK and fundraised together €725 000. They have done massive fundraising together, totalling: 1 042 013 euros!

Thanks to them, we were able to finance 7 FIGHT KIDS CANCER projects. Through these projects, we want to make significant progress in the knowledge and treatment of the following diseases: neuroblastoma (one clinical trial and two translational projects), leukaemia and lymphoma (one clinical trial), leukaemia (two translational projects: one for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia and one for acute myeloid leukaemia), and one clinical trial for all tumors.


1 099 runners participated in this hybrid edition and fundraised together €728 111.

Thanks to them, we were able to finance 5 FIGHT KIDS CANCER projects. Through these projects, we hope to make significant progress in the knowledge and treatment of the following diseases: B-cell non-Hodgkin lymphoma (clinical trial), Ewing’s sarcoma (clinical trial), Medulloblastoma (translational project), Neuroblastoma (2 translational projects n°1 & n°2)


770 runners participated in an exceptional connected edition and fundraised together €610 000. Thanks to them, we were able to finance the first 6 FIGHT KIDS CANCER projects for €800 000. Thanks to those projects, we hope to enable major progress in the understanding and treatments of the following diseases: high-grade gliomas (one clinical trial and one translational project), acute myeloïd leukaemias, rhabdoid tumours, osteosarcomas and neuroblastomas.


1350 runners participated in the second edition and fundraised together €630 000. Thanks to them, we were able to renew our structural support to the working costs of the BSPHO and finance, together with Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner (Luxemburg) and Imagine for Margo (France) the E-SMART project, a clinical trial with an innovative design, which aims at developing targeted therapies for children with a refractory or relapsing disease.


680 runners participated in this first edition and fundraised together €326 000. Thanks to them, we were able to finance a first year of structural support to the working costs of the BSPHO. The aim of this financing is to enable the Belgian centres to coordinate their research activities in order to make them more effective and improve the care provided to Belgian patients.

Don't hesitate to contact us